Picturesque paths lining the beach, white sail boats contrasting with deep blue waters as they bob slightly in the harbor, and the constant sea breeze cleaning all the vestiges of big city life away…you know, the quintessential New England town we all dream about in our mind’s vacation-eye? Newport Rhode Island is all you can imagine and more!

Located just 74 miles up the coast from Boston and only a heartbeat away from the city of Providence, Newport is a town full of history and splendor. Founded in 1639 as part of the original thirteen colonies, the city has seen its share of historical happenings. Religious refuge, Revolutionary War involvement, and in later years, a summer vacation town. In the middle 1800s, the wealthy started building summer mansions to escape southern heat. Families such as the Vanderbilt’s and the Kennedy’s built mansions on these pristine shores.

Plenty to see! Newport Rhode Island has a charm all of its own and you do not need a car to sight-see. Walk-ability here is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to explore. Many of the town’s historical buildings and structures are still intact. Wooden structures are exquisitely preserved and can be appreciated for not only their beauty but for their architectural mastery as well. Housed in many of the older homes are art and history museums. Walk about Newport on your own or join a guided tour. This seaport town combines a unique mixture of old and new, which attracts visitors from all over the world.

There is countless things to do in and about Newport as well. Miles of pathways line the water’s edge. Take a leisurely stroll taking in the ocean and sea life. If you are looking for a little bit more gusto, downtown offers an abundance of shops, fine dining, golfing, and entertainment. Summer months boast a long list of concerts, boat shows, and festivals. Or dive into all the things the open sea has to offer. Sailing a boat, kayaking up and down the coast, enjoy fishing, or just relax on a sunset cruise. There is never a dull moment in Newport, Rhode Island.

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