Santa will be making its way through Portsmouth RI starting Friday December 1st. 2017

Santa will be taking Sundays off. It is a Portsmouth Tradition to always have something for Santa – He does have a tip (donation) jar on the sleigh. He does not turn down anything! Normally we will throw in a few bucks and a six pack of beer *hint* *hint*

Santa’s schedule is as follows.

Friday December 1st – Common Fence Point, Border Anthony Rd to Mt. View Rd, Attleboro Av to Narragansett Blvd. – Narragansett Bay to West Main Rd. Portsmouth Abbey, Cory’s Lane to Debra Dr.

Saturday December 2nd – The Hummocks & Island Park, Borders = Rt 24 to Seaconnet Blvd., Cliff Ave to Boyds Lane – West Main Rd. to East Main Rd, Hedly St. south to Locust Ave and Thurston Ave on the East.

Monday December 4th – Border Pocasset & Botelho Heights, Terminal Rd to Anthony Rd., Narragansett Bay to Rt. 24 – Border Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Plus Schoolhouse Lane, Martens Rd. area, Sherwood Drive to north of Vanderbilt Lane.

Tuesday December 5th – Border Portsmouth Park area; Sakonnet River west to Rt. 24 or East Main Rd., Boyds Lane south to Sequoia Lane, or Child St. – Border Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Vanderbilt Lane south to Sandy Point Ave and Eastover Rd.

Wednesday December 6th – Border East Main Rd. to Narragansett Bay; Mare Ter. south to Willow Lane area; Sprague Street south to Patriots Dr. (including all side streets off Patriots Drive) – Border East Main Rd. to Union St. beyond the Green Valley Country Club. Madison Way South to Belmont Dr, Oakland Farms.

Thursday December 7th – 6N – Border Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Child St, south to Prospect Lane. – Border Middletown Line – Mitchell’s Lane north to Sandy Point Ave.; Moitoza Lane east to Sakonnet River.

Friday December 8th – Border East Main Rd to West Main Rd, Dexter St. to Hedly St. – Border Middletown Line- to Bramans Lane, Greenvale Rd, south to Georgetown Apartments, east to the Sakonnet River.

Saturday December 9th – Border Sakonnet River to East Main Rd, Prospect Lane to Fairview Lane. – Border Middletown Line to Raytheon, Narragansett Bay to Union St. west of the Green Valley Country Club.

Thanks to all other sites for publishing the schedules.

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